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Shutters Hinged to Appear Functional

Apr 23, 2024 / by Southern Shutter Company

Shutters Hinged to Appear Functional

There are 3 main ways to install shutters: functional, appear functional, and static mount. Today, we’ll focus on the benefits of shutters hinged to appear functional.

The look of functional shutters is classic, but there are times when shutters will never need to be closed, either for practical or aesthetic reasons. Historically, shutters served a purpose – keeping the elements out of a home. Today, shutters are primarily used as a design element. However, hanging shutters to appear functional is an excellent way to achieve the aesthetic of an authentic, functioning shutter.

Shutters hinged to appear functional add depth and dimension to a home’s exterior without the expense of exact sizing and tedious installation. Each shutter is placed on hinges and angled back towards the house. We recommend an offset of 2-3”.

Benefits of Shutters Hinged to Appear Functional

  • Safer and simpler installation than static mount shutters.
  • Easy removal of the shutter for cleaning or painting – simply lift the shutter off the pintel pins.
  • The hinge keeps the shutter spaced off the house, preventing the shutter from trapping water, causing rot and mold.
  • The 3-dimensional nature of the hinge increases the curb appeal of the home.

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