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Static Mount vs. Functional Hanging

Apr 23, 2024 / by Southern Shutter Company

Static Mount vs. Functional Hanging

When it comes to hanging custom-crafted shutters there are three main ways: functional, appears function, and static mount shutters. While there may be little price difference between the three, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when selecting a hanging method.

Mounted Directly to Wall Through the Face of the Shutter

  • Installation may require more time and labor, especially when dealing with masonry.
  • Cannot be easily removed and re-installed for maintenance.
  • Flat 2-dimensional appearance – will not allow the shutter to breathe allowing water to be trapped. This method can compromise the stile and rail joints.
  • Lacks historic credibility.

Mounted with Static Mount Kit

  • Easier installation than mounting directly to the wall through the face of the shutter and will not deface the shutter.
  • Easier to remove and re-install for maintenance.
  • Flat 2-dmensional appearance lacks historic credibility.
  • Static mount kit allows the shutter to breathe.

Functional Hung or Appears Functional

  • Simple and safe installation. Hinges installed on back of shutter leaving the front unmarred.
  • Easiest to remove shutter by simply lifting off the pintel.
  • 3-dimensional appearance – shutter has plenty of room to breathe.
  • Authentic appearance increases curb appeal.  

Regardless of the style of shutter and mount you and your clients choose, our experts and custom crafters are here to help!

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