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Premium Fiberglass Composite Fixed Louver


Widths are available in 1/16" increments


Lengths are available in 1/16" increments  with the exception of Movable Louver Products.


We offer a variety of finishing options.

Square top shutters are the most common however an Arch top shutter may be required when a curve top window is being covered

Louver Size

Louvers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

Center Rail Layout

Rail layouts are available in standard configurations or may be specified by placing the rail location from the bottom of the shutter to the bottom of the rail.

Top Rail Width

Top rail widths may be customized for an additional charge. Default Specification is Populated.

Bottom Rail Width

Botttom rail widths may be customized for an additional charge

Side Stile Width

Stile width may be customized for an additional charge

This is the small cut out in your rails that creates the look of "Movable Louver" shutters.

A decorative and practical option to give a unique touch as well as offer protection from the elements.

This will give you the look of a "Movable Louver" shutter.

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